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"Unlocking the Mysteries of Human Behaviour through Understanding the Purpose Project"

As individuals, we each have our own unique experiences and perspectives that make us who we are. However, one of the things we all share in common is our birth. Our birth can have a significant impact on our lives and understanding the patterns of birth is crucial in decoding the mysteries of human behaviour and potential.

As a counsellor, I am passionate about self-improvement and utilizing effective tools to enhance my clients' well-being. During my journey, I discovered Recall Healing, a transformative approach to addressing unconscious patterns rooted in our pre-natal and birth experiences. This training and work with Recall Healing practitioner have opened my eyes to the profound impact this practice can have on individuals' lives. I am happy to share my understanding and experiences through this blog, to inspire and enable others to unlock their full potential and overcome limiting beliefs.

According to Recall Healing approach, our lives are shaped by an unconscious program that we carry out from the moment of conception or even before. This program is known as the Purpose Project, and it is created during the crucial period of nine months before conception, pregnancy, delivery, and the first year of a child's life. During this period, parents unconsciously create a plan for their child's life, which the child then implements, often unconsciously. This projection encompasses both good and bad circumstances and shapes the child's behaviour and patterns throughout their life.

It may be hard to believe that a plan for our lives was created before we were even born, but many patterns in our lives, emotions, and attractions can be traced back to the perinatal period. Our unconscious brain remembers these circumstances as ideal for survival and prolongation of the species, as they enabled our parents to conceive, carry, give birth to, and survive the first year of the child's life…perfect conditions.

Unfortunately, a child may also try to solve problems that their parents were unable to resolve. We unconsciously follow the program given to us by our parents, which can result in the repetition of patterns outside of our awareness. Until we become aware of these patterns, we have no control over them.

The nine months before conception, conception circumstances, delivery, and first year of life are all crucial stages of the Purpose Project to consider. The housing, material situation, accidents, and political situation of the parents before conception, as well as the manner of conception, can all impact the plan for the child's life.

The moment of birth is also significant, as the unconscious brain notes any threat to life and tries to recreate the conditions of birth in the future. Childbirth encompasses all the experiences and events surrounding it, including the behaviour of medical professionals, the duration and difficulty of labor, and the use of anesthics . For example, a short and uncomplicated childbirth may result in a person characterised by impulsiveness and success, while a prolonged and complicated labor may lead to difficulties in achieving future goals.

The behaviour of medical professionals during childbirth can also serve as a model for future authority figures in a child's life. For example, a child may struggle with speaking up or asking questions if their mother was afraid to do so during labor.

It is important to note that the Purpose Project and circumstances of birth are not determinants of a person's future, but rather information to help us understand the root of our current life problems. Emotions associated with experiences are just as important as the events themselves…however the way a mother feels during childbirth is the most important.

By becoming aware of these mechanisms, we can free ourselves from what is commonly referred to as "blind fate." Combining the circumstances of our birth with our present life allows us to break free from unconscious patterns, such as family and generational patterns, and create the life we truly desire from a conscious perspective.

It is important to not use this information as an excuse…to blame…to keep ourselves in comfort zone or prevent ourselves to take responsibility for our emotions/feelings and take actions (where need to be taken) in our lives …and also it is important to accept our limitation, negativity in ourselves, difficulties, health condition, weakness because only from this position we can move on, empower ourselves and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives.


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