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The Importance of the Mother-Child Relationship for Success in Life and Work

From the moment we are born, our mother becomes the most important person in our life. She is the one who nourishes us and takes care of us, we depend on her. Our connection with our mother shapes the person we become and has a profound impact on how we feel about ourselves, our relationships, careers, and overall well-being… this relationship is mirrored in everything in our life. Our first movement in life is movement toward our mother.

It's essential to recognise our mother as the source of our life - she represents life and everything that comes from her to us. This connection with our mother is a dance... it is movement... It is not a passive, static... it is a process, it requires effort and initiative from our side… we call her when we need her, and we embrace everything she offers us with appreciation.

However, some people have a difficult time developing positive or even any relationships with their mothers, which can negatively impact their lives in many ways. Separation from their mother at a young age due to sickness or other reasons can be traumatic, leaving them feeling helpless and powerless. Traumatic experiences and difficult situations throughout our lives can leave us feeling stuck and unable to move forward. To heal from these experiences, we need to be ready to do the work and seek support from someone who can help us revisit those moments and places from the past. It's essential to revisit those places and spaces … to take small steps toward our mother with love, even if we feel sad, let down, or angry about what happened in the past… with all of that resentment.

All problems and difficulties we face with our mother also affect our intimate relationships. What we haven't resolved with our mother will reappear in our relationships... all traumas will resurface... to help us with healing process.

Taking our mother as the source of our life and everything that flows from her to us is key to living a good life. By building confidence in our abilities and developing a sense of self-worth, we can achieve success and contentment in life. The key to success ( whatever it means for each of us) in both our personal and professional lives is to approach every task and challenge with slow movement, step by step, and maybe we need to stop for the moment until we are ready for the next step…with appreciation, engagement, and curiosity, instead of hesitating and standing still…and waiting… it is an active process which needs to come from us.

It's important to remember that our mothers did the best they could with the resources they had and the context they lived in. It's not about blaming but recognising the impact our relationship with our mothers had on us and our lives. With love, patience, and persistence, we can overcome the obstacles that may have been holding us back and achieve the success and contentment in life we desire.


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