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Welcome to this section of my website, where my goal is to offer you resources to enhance your well-being. I have included free tools and information /links to various sources to support you in your journey. My hope is that you will find the information on my site not only useful and informative, but also and more importantly, actionable.                                So, take a look around.

In this video, I discuss the crucial role that the perinatal period plays in shaping our behavior and potential. I explore the unconscious program known as the Purpose Project, which is created during the nine months before conception, pregnancy, delivery, and the first year of a child's life. I delve into the different stages of the Purpose Project period, including the circumstances of conception and the moment of birth, and how they can impact our future behavior. You can read more about it here

I warmly invite you to participate in a brief meditation called "Connecting with Inner Child." This meditation is based on the work of Susan Anderson and her book "Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Healing from Abandonment. If you're interested in learning more about this concept which is introduced by Susan Anderson, you can visit my post blog here

Explore the power of emotional release with me in this meditation. Learn to become aware of your emotions/feelings, let them come up and flow freely, and release the energy behind them for a new sense of peace and calm. If you're interested in learning more about the RT which was created by Lester Levenson and popularised by David Hawkins, you can visit my post blog here

 Powerful meditation of Bert Hellinger, a therapist and spiritual teacher  "Thanksgiving at the Dawning of Life". This meditation invites us to reflect on the gifts we have received from our parents, including the greatest gift of all: life itself. By acknowledging and embracing this connection, we can deepen our appreciation for the life we have been given and cultivate a sense of gratitude that enriches our lives.

 Join me for this meditation, by clicking below.

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