Working with me is a collaborative process, I am not a fixer, therefore, I will not fix your problems or tell you what to do. I will not give you advice on what is best for you or how to live your life.However, I can provide a safe, empathic and non - judgmental space where I am able to listen to you with a sense of not knowing and trust that you know what is best for you. 

While working together, we might explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours to help you get insight and a better understanding of yourself and your needs. Knowing yourself and getting clarity about your feelings, emotions and situation can provide the foundation for change. An important part of the process is about getting in touch with your inner resources and intuition.

If I recognise certain patterns I will challenge them, of course it always will be in a very tentative and empathic way. Sometimes, I may ask you to complete a practical creative exercise between the sessions if I feel it would support the process.


I gained a PG Diploma in Counselling Skills ( Person-Centred) for The Norwich Centre, following completion of the Post-Graduate Certificate from the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the BA degree in Fine Art from NUA. The completed counselling training is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and Counselling BACP.


Additional Training:

Life Coaching Training, UK College of Personal Development

Recall Healing, Level 1 and 2 with Dr Michelle Schrader - Dawson. 

Certificate in Online&Telephone Counselling, Counselling Tutor 

Group Facilitation Programme, The Gestalt Centre.

Art Therapy, The British Association for Art Therapies.

Art Therapy for Personal Development, European Association for Distance Learning.

Introduction to Jungian Sand-play Therapy, London Art Therapy Centre.

I have had supported people with a broad range of issue while working for  Sue Lambert Trust - support for survivors of sexual abuse  where I also worked with clients who were involved in court cases, The Norwich Centre where I worked with University art students over a number of years. taught on both the Introduction to Counselling Skills and Certificate in Counselling Skills courses at The Norwich Centre.

I also worked with groups at Sue Lambert Trust - support for survivors of sexual abuse and New Routes Integration | Supporting & Empowering Refugees, Asylum ...

At this moment along my private practice I work for Solas Mind, company which provides therapeutic service to production companies, studios, crew, creative freelancers.





 Post-traumatic stress disorder

Eating disorders 






Personal development:

 Lack of confidence

 Lack of motivation

Low self esteem

 Identity & cultural issues 

Work related issues

Relationship related issues

I work with clients who:

ready to commit to themselves and the process.

ready to do the work. 

ready to make decision about a change.

ready to take action.

appreciate my intuitive&creative way of working.

 If you feel like I could be the person who could support you, please reach out and  have a conversation with me.


I grew up in Poland and also lived in Italy for two years before settling in England. Experience of moving and living abroad forced  me to question, develop and redefine my personal and cultural identity. Moving away from my family, the country  I could look from the distance and ask questions which I would never asked while living there and only from distance, I could see things in more clearly  way - away from familiar.

It gave me a privileged position to view things from more than one perspective and it helped me to understand that redefining yourself is an ongoing process and a part of life itself.


My personal life experience led me to the person who I am today and what I do in my life and influences my way of working with clients.