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As a therapist and artist, I am committed to supporting others in a creative and intuitive way while also using my creativity to express myself. My artistic practice is influenced by my therapeutic work, and I strongly believe that engaging in the process of creating not only contributes to my personal well-being and enables me to process my own life experiences better but also nourishes my innermost being.

Through my art prints, I aim to create a personal connection with you. Whether you're seeking a piece for your home or office, or a meaningful gift for a loved one, I'm confident that you'll discover something here that resonates with you.

Please browse my portfolio, where you'll find more about my commitment to my art journey.

Thank you for visiting my store, and I hope you enjoy exploring my artwork.

If you are interested in larger sizes such as A1 or A0, please contact me directly for pricing information:

 I am happy to accommodate larger print requests.


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