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The Map of Consciousness and Emotions Dr. David R. Hawkins

Dawid Hawkins was both a psychiatrist and spiritual teacher. Hawkins lectured in various places around the world, including Oxford, Harvard, and Buddhist Monasteries. He has devoted his entire life to improving human consciousness and searching for the most effective ways to help people in their suffering.

What do we mean when we talk about consciousness?

Because of our senses, the mind receives sensory impressions/sensations from our body and the external world. Because of consciousness, we know what is happening in our minds. The body cannot experience itself, and the hand does not have the ability to experience itself; what it looks like, what it is, if it's warm or cold, what does it do in the moment etc.

Dr. David R. Hawkins contributed to the study of consciousness and mapped out the different levels of consciousness - what is called the Map of Consciousness. Together with a group of researchers used a kinesiology test to create the map. When people were exposed to true sentences, their muscles responded by strengthening, but in response to false sentences, their muscles weakened.

On the Map of Consciousness, the breakthrough/threshold is level 200 and this is the level of Courage. Above. The arrow points up - POWER, down - FORCE.

Power is supportive and there is a sense of flow in life, it strengthens our body and life. All levels above 200 are beneficial for us, we experience feelings of contentment, happiness, and pleasure... it does not mean that we do not have any challenges in our lives.

The down arrow - FORCE - pulling things down, trying to force everything in life and things usually do not work out. We are usually stressed, survival-oriented reactions are dominant and there is a sense 'the whole world is against us',

We move up and down or settle at different levels depending on what situation and area of our life e.g. with our career, we can find ourselves on acceptance, and courage levels however in intimate relationships on the shame or fear level.

Our life is not static, it's dynamic. Not only we are changing, but also the people and world around us. Every day we are faced with different situations that might activate different emotions within us, so we will be between different levels.

We feel emotions in our body and they are connected to our limbic system. It is very important to learn to recognise them: to name them and locate them in the body - this is different for each of us.

When we live in fear, we tend to:

Suppressing emotion/s, we do this when we consciously try to get rid of the emotion/s. When we unconsciously push away the emotion, we talk about repressing it.

Expressing emotion/s is when we complain about it/them and feed the emotion/s with constant attention and yet, nothing is changing and the emotion/s resurfaces stronger than before.

Any distractions in the form of addictions such as drinking, playing video games, sex, food, work, then we try to escape from our emotion/s.

When we do this, we find ourselves stuck in a thought pattern and our life becomes a constant loop. We find ourselves in different situations with different people but we feel the same unsupportive emotions within.

Transforming Emotions - Release Technique

The release technique is very helpful in transforming unsupportive emotions and feelings, incredibly simple to use. It was created by Lester Levenson and popularised by David Hawkins.

When we work with emotions by practicing the RT, they disappear from our consciousness, and also certain people and situations are not present in our life anymore - The transformation first happens internally, then externally, not other way round.

Patience and persistence are crucial and needed - this is not a one-off process!

It is a life-long and ongoing process... keep practicing and it will become easier and easier - I can't tell you how long it will take, but it will.

If you keep practicing and working with your emotions, you'll notice that the sense of agency increases - you begin to make decisions without negative attitudes and fear. You will start moving forward toward your life... not the ideas of others on life. Your idea on Your life.

Feel free to download Transforming Emotions exercise by filling in the form below.

  • Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour, David R. Hawkins.

  • The Map of Consciousness Explained: A Proven Energy Scale to Actualize Your Ultimate Potential, Dr David R. Hawkins.


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