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Perhaps it's time to say: THAT'S ENOUGH!

Just pause and ask yourself:

Am I good here where I am right now?

Is it my place?

How am I feeling right now?

How my body is feeling ?

Close your eyes and listen to your body… listen to symptoms, signals…

What is it in your body?

Where is it in your body?

That is all data, invaluable information for you.

The body is like a barometric meter... it knows and it lets you know every time…

Just listen to it.

It will tell you when you are not in a right place…. and when you are in the right place - it feels good.

Is this place, space, relationship, job… my right place?

Ask yourself ?

You stay, you participate, you do what is expected, you carry on… this is what you know and you abandon yourself at the same time.

How many spaces/places you abandon/ed yourself by staying as a convenient addition to other people life plans.

How many times you just shut this voice down, this signal which body send to you by ignoring it … you eat, you work even harder, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping etc.

How many places do you dissociate yourself - abandoning yourself, committing violent act on just get on, to not rock the boat…

How many spaces, places you step/stepped back, remove/ed yourself…you do/did not say anything …


you feel/felt scared or not good enough.

You did not say clearly:

'I do not want this/I do not like it/ that is not my place …

I want this, I am going to take up this space and own it…'

You make the space available for someone ...denying/ignoring what’s important to you at the same time,

What does your body say…that voice within?

How many spaces/ places do you occupy at this moment which for others would that right place/ space… far better than for you... as your that right and perfect place is somewhere else.

Perhaps it's time to say: That's enough.


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